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Nga Wiktionary

Hello, I am running my Bot User:SpaceBirdyBot as interwikibot on is.wikt (and de,es,pt,ga,af,fo,nah,scn,nl,sv,ro) lately because not all links are catched by the current active bots there. If You are interested I can set my bot to run here also.

I am using SVN pywikipedia (latest) and run it using

interwiki.py -wiktionary -autonomous -force -noauto -nobacklink -noshownew -neverlink:fur,ilo,nov,sco
  • Botmaster: is:Notandi:Spacebirdy
  • Bot's name:User:SpaceBirdyBot
  • List of bot flags on other Wiktionarys:af,co,ca,oc,da,de,el,es,it,is,pt,ga,gd,af,fo,nah,scn,nl,sv,ro,yi,zh-min-nan,...
  • Purpose:interwiki
  • Technical details:svn pywikipediabot, latest versions

Best regards, --zog i vogël (:> )=| 12 Qershor 2008 09:43 (UTC)

Hi, since no one reacts to this I assume there is no interest and won't check back to this request-page, therefore, please leave me a message on one of my talkpages if Your interest in this should change, thanks, --zog i vogël (:> )=| 18 Qershor 2008 04:41 (UTC)
Yes we are interested. Puntori 18 Qershor 2008 07:07 (UTC)
Thanks for contacting me, how to proceed, do You wish to run me without botflag first (I did not run it until now, because it will spam the recent changes), or wait longer until others express their opinion too? Best regards, --zog i vogël (:> )=| 18 Qershor 2008 09:05 (UTC)
Hi, so what to do, run without flag, wait for flag, not run at all, please let me know. I would also suggest to give User:VolkovBot a botflag, he is a good bot, run by w:ru:User:Volkov, thanks, --zog i vogël (:> )=| 22 Qershor 2008 01:01 (UTC)
I'm sorry for waiting. Yes you can run the bot with flag if the bot is god. Thank You. Puntori 27 Qershor 2008 12:30 (UTC)
For runnig it with flag You would have to flag it [1] though :) Thanks, best regards, --zog i vogël (:> )=| 27 Qershor 2008 16:24 (UTC)

Regards, --Luckas Blade 1 Mars 2009 13:30 (UTC)

You're good to go. Thanks to Puntori. Regards, --Zeke 3 Mars 2009 10:33 (UTC)

I also request botstatus for this bot, run by en:User:Robert Ullmann, an uncontroversial interwikibot that runs fine and helps a lot in all Wiktionaries, thanks, --zog i vogël (:> )=| 5 Prill 2009 12:52 (UTC)

Thanks in advance.--محمد الجداوي 27 tetor 2011 15:44 (UTC)[përgjigjuni]

Done. Bennylin 3 nëntor 2011 11:23 (UTC)[përgjigjuni]
  • Botmaster: Yoursmile
  • Bot's name: User:YS-Bot
  • List of bot flags on other Wiktionaries: de, nn, nl
  • Purpose: interwiki
  • Technical details: pywikipediabot, latest versions

If you need some test edits, just tell me. Best regards --Yoursmile (diskutimet) 12 gusht 2012 20:01 (UTC)[përgjigjuni]

  • Botmaster: Hydriz
  • Bot's name: User:HydrizBot
  • List of bot flags on other Wiktionaries: full list
  • Purpose: interwiki
  • Technical details: pywikipediabot, latest versions

Regards. --Hydriz (diskutimet) 8 qershor 2015 04:40 (UTC)[përgjigjuni]

Please let me know, if you need some test edits. Greetings from Austria. --Udo T. (diskutimet) 15 qershor 2016 18:54 (UTC)[përgjigjuni]
@Puntori ? --Udo T. (diskutimet) 25 qershor 2016 11:18 (UTC)[përgjigjuni]

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