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Hello Puntori, You have now buerocrat-flag on sq.wiktionary.

All administrators of sq.wiktionary, are allowed into #wikimedia-admin, the cross-wiki coordination channel for Wikimedia administrators. Any member of the channel can invite you in temporarily, but you need an invite exemption from a channel operator to get in whenever you want. Please come to #wikimedia and ask for an invite.

Any admin from any project is welcome and it is a good place for cross-wiki coordination of vandal and spam fighting. It is also useful for new admins to contact more experienced admins in real-time to get help with the more complicated admin tasks such as history merges/splits and importing via Special:Import.

Please remember to translate the interface at betawiki: only and to upload images preferably at commons:

Thank you

Best regards, --zog i vogël (:> )=| 17 Qershor 2008 12:53 (UTC)

Thank You. Puntori 18 Qershor 2008 06:59 (UTC)

Hi, any news on this? Thanks, --zog i vogël (:> )=| 27 Qershor 2008 02:29 (UTC)


Please take a look at this bot request at Wiktionary:Robotë, so no steward will be forced to "step on your toe". Thanks.--Jusjih 12 Prill 2009 19:19 (UTC)

Your inactive bureaucrat and sysop flags

Hello. Are you still interested in being a bureaucrat and a sysop? You have been inactive here after 2009-07-26.--Jusjih (diskutimet) 24 shkurt 2013 17:25 (UTC)Reply[përgjigjuni]

Hello. Being a bureaucrat means responsibility, not honorary title, and may no longer rename users. Would you please reconsider being a bureaucrat at xx.wikxxxx? You have no logged bureaucrat action after 2009-04-12.--Jusjih (diskutimet) 29 mars 2015 02:36 (UTC)Reply[përgjigjuni]